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No Time to Clean? Book your Cleaning

In 3 Easy steps

  • All Cleaners are employed by us

  • Affordable as ever

  • Convenient, online booking

  • No need for Cash, Just pay with your card

    04 513 6302

How Daycleaner works

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Select a date and time.

Whether you need a cleaning tomorrow or next month, Our cleaners will work with you to fit into your schedule

Enter your address.

You can also ask for the same staff to be your regular cleaner and benefit from our monthly packages with Low rates


Your cleaner will arrive at your scheduled date & Time and get your home spic and span.

What’s New

Our Focus is Quality

We only hire the best cleaners. Ourcleaners are averaging over 4.5 stars, we’re sure you’ll love the cleaner you choose.

Staying affordable

Daycleaner Rates are measured in
the market as lowest. Our exclusive market price analysis software means lower rates and cost savings for you!

Rebook cleaners

Once you find a cleaner you
love, you can always ask for them
to always get them back

Trusted Professionals

Our cleaners are certified,
insured and hired by us,
And have a Day Cleaner Visa.

Our Maids Ratings...

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